Pigment Red 48:2-Corimax Red 2BCP

Technical parameters of Pigment Red 48:2

Color Index No.Pigment Red 48:2
Product nameCorimax Red 2BCP
Product categoryOrganic Pigment
Light Fastness(coating)4-5
Heat Resistance(coating)180
Light Fastness(plastic)6
Heat Resistance(plastic)240
Hue distribution

Application:Corimax Red 2BS has good dispersion
Recommended for powder coatings, PVC, rubber, PP, PE,
Suggested for PU, PS, offset ink, water based ink, solvent ink, UV ink

Related Information

English alias: 15865: 2; CI Pigment Red 48, calcium salt (1: 1); CI Pigment Red 48, calcium salt; Pigment Red 48 calcium saltcalcium (4Z) -4- [2- (5-chloro-4-methyl -2-sulfonatophenyl) hydrazinylidene] -3-oxo-3,4-dihydronaphthalene-2-carboxylate; calcium 4-[(E)-(5-chloro-4-methyl-2-sulfonatophenyl) diazenyl] -3-hydroxynaphthalene- 2-carboxylate; Pigment Red 48: 2
CAS number: 7023-61-2
EINECS number: 230-303-5
Molecular formula: C18H11CaClN2O6S
Molecular weight: 458.8857
InChI: InChI = 1 / C18H13ClN2O6S.Ca / c1-9-6-15 (28 (25,26) 27) 14 (8-13 (9) 19) 20-21-16-11-5-3-2- 4-10 (11) 7-12 (17 (16) 22) 18 (23) 24; / h2-8,22H, 1H3, (H, 23,24) (H, 25,26,27); / q + 2 / p-2 / b21-20 +;

Molecular Structure:

Physical and chemical properties:

Solubility: purple-red in concentrated sulfuric acid, blue-red precipitate after dilution.
Hue or light: brilliant blue light red
Relative density: 1.50-1.08
Bulk density / (lb / gal): 12.5-15.5
Average particle size / μm: 0.05-0.07
Particle shape: cubic, rod-shaped
Specific surface area / (m2 / g): 53-100
pH value / (10% slurry): 6.4-9.1
Oil absorption / (g / 100g): 35-67
Covering power: translucent

Fuchsia powder with strong tinting power. In the case of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is purple-red, after dilution, it shows a blue-red precipitate, in the case of concentrated nitric acid, it is brown-red, and in the case of sodium hydroxide, it is red. Good light and heat resistance. Poor acid and alkali resistance.

Product Usage:

The pigment is bluer than C.I. Pigment Red 48: 1, 48: 4, and red tones of blue light can be used as the standard color of gravure ink, but it is yellower than Pigment Red 57: 1. Mainly used for printing ink NC-type packaging printing ink, thickened in water-based printing ink; soft PVC coloring does not bleed, HDPE heat-resistant 230 ℃ / 5min, a large number of LDPE coloration, light resistance than PR48: 1 , Can also be used for PP puree coloring. There are 118 types of commercial brand names on the market.Mainly used for the coloring of inks, plastics, rubber, coatings and stationery.