Pigment orange 13-Corimax Orange G

Product parameter list

Color Index No.Pigment orange 13
Product nameCorimax Orange G
Product categoryOrganic Pigment
CAS Number3520-72-7
EU Number222-530-3
Chemical FamilyDisazo
Molecular Weight623.49
Molecular FormulaC32H24CI2N8O2
P.H. Value7
Oil Absorption(ml/100g)%35
Light Fastness(coating)5
Heat Resistance(coating)180
Light Fastness(plastic)5
Heat Resistance(plastic)200
Water Resistance5
Oil Resistance4
Acid Resistance4
Alkali Resistance4
Hue distribution


Recommended for powder coatings, printing pastes, PVC, rubber, PP, PE, offset inks, water-based inks, solvent inks
Suggested for PS, PU, UV inks.


Molecular Structure:

Synonyms: calcotoneoranger;carnelioorangeg;dainichifastorangerr;daltolitefastorangeg;diarylideorange;eljonfastorangeg;fastbenzideneorangeyb3;fastonaorangeg
CAS: 3520-72-7
MF: C32H24Cl2N8O2
MW: 623.49
EINECS: 222-530-3
Product Categories: Dyes and Pigments;Organics
Mol File: 3520-72-7.mol

Pigment Orange 13 (Corimax Orange G) is a semi-transparent disazo orange pigment. It offers good heat fastness and light fastness in coatings and inks. It is recommended for general industrial and powder coatings, textile printing, and offset, water-based, and solvent-based inks.